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Did you speak with an ex recently, or did an ex appear in your dreams? Something funny happens throughout Mercury in retrograde cycles, which were in right now. We typically speak with or dream about our exes. In some cases it can be so insane that you open your phone and find several exes attempted to contact you at once.

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I recommend that you get practical with all this imaginative dreaminess by taking it out of the dream world and attempting to manifest something genuine. Even if it just involves composing a love poem that you give to no one, I think you ought to give you dreamy, romantic imagination the honor of being expressed in an useful way in the physical world. Or whispering a trick to somebody you like ought to do the technique.

Even if youre not in contact with an ex, you might be dreaming and thinking about love, imagination, art, children or something along those styles. In fact, this dreaminess could have you totally on the clouds.


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