Scorpio placements brings challenges

I’ve noticed that Scorpio placements (especially as your big three or first house) can give people with these placements a ton of challenges early on in life. Whether that be growing up in a not so friendly environment, parent divorces, abandonment, not feeling welcomed, loved, or feeling out of place (kinda like being a black sheep), or having too much pressure put on you. This may not resonate with everyone but I’ve noticed it in people with Scorpio in their sun, moon and risings. I have a Scorpio rising with Pluto and Mars in the first house and I definitely felt like I grew up feeling unwanted and dealing with a lot of abuse and gaslighting, but I feel like these challenges so early on are really meant to test our strengths and overcome them. Scorpio is the sign that has the power to delve deep into the underworld and come back out of the ashes fully transformed and evolved.

Anyone else with these placements feel this way?

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