Scorpio Season Horoscopes for All 12 Signs

Its your season, Scorpio! The energy is all on you, the spotlight is on, and its that time of year in which you may transform yourself. The 7 of Earths Reversed is the card of your opposite, Taurus, and might invoke your sis sign as a reflection. With this card reversed, however, we see that maybe the seeds weve planted in regards to our 1st home, your house of the self and identity, arent extremely positive. Its time to root out poisonous seeds and find out from the patient side of Taurus.

Shallow Grave was pulled for Sagittarius also. I feel like this might reference your reputation in some kind, shape or way. Your current hopes and dreams might focus on the method individuals used to see you, utilized to treat you. You can not see the future when youre looking backwards. Look forward, Capricorn. Let the past dissolve and feed the roots of tomorrows seedlings.



**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Aries ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

Leo your 4th house is being illuminated this Scorpio season. This is the location of your life in which your roots, customs and household might enter into concern. What does your house like appear like? The Lovers is the card of Gemini and choices. After finding out the customs and structures of the world through The Hierophant, you need to pertain to your own decisions in The Lovers. What do you love? Who do you enjoy? We all have to pick our own worths and our own courses. A Gemini might assist you this season, especially if you have brother or sisters. What do you really want in your house? What part of your roots do you worth?

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Capricorn ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

** 4 of Waters, Passionflower: Exuberant Quietude, Two Little Witches **.

Gladly sweeping their brooms they clean up away all that no longer serves you. Its time to audit your public and expert life, Aquarius. Let it go!

The Candy Cane Angel tells you, Gemini, that even when youre all captured up in your work and running about with your errands, you shouldnt forget to rest. Treat yourself to something great. Invest a long time enjoying your pastimes, perhaps even developing brand-new ones. No play and all work makes Jack a dull kid, you know?

Study the personal journeys of others in your line of work or thinking. The change is all your own, but its difficult to alter when the only perspective you can see is your own.

The Shallow Grave alerts versus focusing too much on the past and the skeletons we are laying to rest. Let them go and let your old injuries heal. Crawl out of the grave and move forward.

** The Lovers, Burdock: Tap Your Resources, Two Little Witches **.

If you threw away your programs, let your old injuries and fears dissolve into the sea, what then? With your burdens gone, would you be prepared to chase your own joy? Let go of all that no longer serves you.

** The Moon Reversed, Self-Heal: Ripple Outward, Strange Valentine **.

The Candy Cane Angel asks us a basic favor – treat ourselves! Be additional sweet to yourself this Scorpio season. Allow yourself time to just exist in joy and radiate that joy into the collective. Not just do you deserve it, however your smile is transmittable and will finish all that you do! Treating yourself is like giving a gift to deep space! Be the grace!

In your 12th home, this Scorpio season can leave you feeling numb, cold and isolated. This is a time to retreat inward, and The Moon Reversed will dredge up the skeletons and ghosts of your past this Halloween. Do not run away, but do take time for rest.

We have the Two Little Witches. This is a basic house cleaning card. Eliminate all old, stagnant and negative energy from your hearth and home. Old practices pass away hard, and we frequently carry old habits and injuries from our childhood. Its time to challenge these and send them packing.


Elderberry brings a message of understanding. Simply as the moon and trees go through their cycles, from buds to leaves, berries and barren, we, too, need to go through our own cycles of death and renewal. Forgive yourself and provide yourself space to rest and drag the poisons of the year out of your roots. You will be born-again next season.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Aquarius ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

Red Clover asks you to nourish your Root Chakra and to prevent ending up being too lost in the competitors. Stand strong and believe yourself and your capabilities. You are a tree with a strong root system and thick trunk. You can endure any storm that comes your way. Stay consistent and prevent psychological outbursts.

The Moon Reversed talks about the suns journeys through your Scorpio 8th home. This can be a time of confusion, disorientation, and your fears coming up in complete force and ready to play.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Leo ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

** The Chariot Reversed, Nettle: Pay Attention!, Candy Cane Angel **.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Scorpio ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

What still brings you joy whether youre 5 or 35 years old? Tell them how much you like and appreciate them. They can offer that insight into what course you should take moving forward.

** 5 of Fires, Red Clover: Center and Ground, Shallow Grave **.


**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Cancer ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

The Nymph of Earth, or Page of Pentacles, is filled to the brim with capacity. This is material potential, and fits well with the attention Scorpio season will be giving your 2nd house of individual possessions, worths and material wealth. This is representative of Aries, Taurus and Gemini, so you might see assistance from those with the early zodiacal energies. Permit yourself to be taken in with originalities and the desire to study and work for the sake of it. This Page, though he has the prospective to succeed economically, cares only for his work and the fulfillment of chasing it. You might find a brand brand-new viewpoint filled with capacity.

Odd Valentine advises us that love is certainly odd! Throughout the suns journey through Scorpio you may find your interests, tastes and worths changing as you confront fears you didnt recognize you had. How would you understand that you love flying if you invested your entire life in worry of the sky? Allow love to come to you, even if that love seems foreign and strange, as you might discover yourself in love with something you as soon as feared.

The Violet Duchess is here to bring the message: “Yes, you feel stuck. Are you going to lay down and take it, or are you going to happily use your heart and love on your sleeve and march forward into the world? Your choices made you stuck, and your choices are the only things that can make you unstuck.

The Scorpio season will focus on your 6th house, the house of health and disease, service to others and general work. With the Chariot reversed here, you may discover yourself dealing with an unruly Cancer who might be controling the reigns of your life and tossing it into mayhem, or you might have found yourself a little too positive in your capabilities recently and didnt discover whatever crashing about behind you.


Passionflower asks us to put all of our enthusiasm and energy into everything that we do, whether thats resting, playing or working. Your attitude and your approach to everything you do modifications the result. Treking to work with fear rather of objectives and personal challenges will make your day a dreary one.

I pulled the 5 reversed for them. The 11th home is the house of dreams and hopes, rewards after hard work, community and networking. Someone, a Cancer or a Leo even, could be challenging you and your dreams.

** Nymph of Air, Starflower: Finding Grace, Candy Cane Angel **.

** Nymph of Earth, Rosemary: Remembrance, Three Witchy Sisters **.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Sagittarius ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

The sun will be transiting through your 7th home this Scorpio season, revealing relationships that need more work or bringing you clients with potential for development. The Four of Fires is a card of unity, house, hearth and celebration.

Hi there, Pisces. Are you all set to broaden your mind this Scorpio season? The energy will be moving through your 9th house, the house of foreign cultures and travel, philosophy and greater knowing. The Nymph or Air, or Page of Swords is a card of young psychological energy representative of the winter indications Capricorn, Aquarius, and you, Pisces! This is easy relaxed energy that chooses their research studies and to rise above disputes. Drama will be far in the distance as you spend your time on more vital lessons and studies. Books and online short articles might become your buddies this season as you expand your perspective of the world. If youre presently registered, this might likewise be a really great time in your university studies.

Your outdoors world shows the world on the within, and the quicker you realize this, the quicker you can alter it. If you do not like what youre experiencing now, its up to you to alter it, and the very first step to that shift is to alter what you worth.

Kali is a representative of Scorpio in this oracle deck, as she is the supreme death and renewal card. Before you can permit brand-new true blessings into your life, you have to cut away the old. Let go of the past and do not let it affect you any longer.

** 10 of Fires Reversed, Self-Heal: Ripple Outward, Sewer Mermaid **.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Pisces ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

Rosemary is a card of ancestral work and the memories of individuals who walked the earth and traveled the world long prior to we had things like wifi. What were the worths of these individuals? How did they trade their services and items? It may be time for a history lesson, Libra. You may value your iPhone or your new tablet, but what would you do if you were sent out back into the 10th century? What would you value then? How would you earn money?

This is a house of transformation, and through this transformation the effects will ripple external into your belief systems and your values in time. Self-Heal reminds you that all change, no matter how small, can have large consequences and benefits. Pay attention to the energy that you radiate when you go into a room. What you put out into the world is what you will bring in. You must alter from the within out if you desire something to alter.

** 5 of Fires Reversed, Chickweed: Start Fresh, I Am Kali **.

Sensuous matters can keep you grounded and bring your attention to something other than work and responsibilities. Indulge all your senses and provide yourself time to relax and disconnect.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Taurus ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

Interruptions are constructing your stress and might make you weary and even ill this season. Everybody is an individual with their own joys and dreams at the end of the day. Dont neglect them or let their skills go unacknowledged.

Allow yourself to rejoice in your own individual tastes, even if they seem odd to the outside world. Some may argue that lavender doesnt go well with lemon, or asparagus are absolutely dreadful with clove, but you take pleasure in whatever it is that you enjoy without pity or allowing others to tell you that youre weird.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Virgo ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Gemini ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

Starflower is a card of faith and stillness. This is genuinely a good time to seek out some essential “me” time, time to simply sit and be yourself. Meditation, yoga, an excellent nap – whatever makes you feel prepared and rested to move on and share your own individual grace with the world. What is this grace? Your talents and skills. When you are proficient at something, you share that present with the world, be it your song, your art, your cooking or even simply your guidance. You should have the utmost faith in yourself and your abilities, however, before you can make that leap. Have faith that your talents are needed and valued!


You might feel like pulling back to your shell, Aquarius, and putting your career strategies on hold. The 10th rules and regulations your public credibility and your vocation. The 4 of Waters informs me your attention might be in other places, however. You may feel stifled and stuck, unable to see the opportunity being offered to you, perhaps by a Cancer. If you decide to pull back, Aquarius, it is advised that you take the time to think about all options available to you in your quest for development. You may overlook something apparently apparent in your stupor.

Hey there Cancer! This Scorpio season is all about your 5th house, where you transform yourself based on what brings you love, pleasure, or your kids. Being a parent will alter anyone! Here we have the 5 of Fires Reversed. An unruly Leo in your life may be triggering difficulties here that influence deep improvement. This shift might be resisted, as the 5 programs that you arent privy to alter or challenge – you d rather escape and avoid conflict entirely. Arguments could even become nasty and severe at this point, however the problems will not resolve themselves!

** 7 of Earths Reversed, Quaking Aspen: We Are One, Violet Duchess **.

** The Moon Reversed, Elderberry: Cyclicality, Shallow Grave **.

Assistance comes in from an awareness of what each task will ripple outside into the world around you. The Saturn energy of the 10 of Fires advises you that the jobs that no longer serve you need delegated to others, or they may become the straw that breaks the camels back!

The Quaking Aspen is another pointer that no matter how reclusive you are, you are never ever genuinely alone. Every human being is linked to one another. You are connected by love, by exchanges of coin, exchanges of thought and feeling.

**|✺ ✫ ✧ ⋆ ✷ Libra ✷ ⋆ ✧ ✫ ✺|**.

** The Four of Fires, Quaking Aspen: We Are One, Sewer Mermaid **.

The Saturnian side of the 10 of Fires Reversed might be weighing on you during this Scorpio season, Virgo. Scorpio season highlights your 3rd house, the busy house of communications, running errands around town and general education.

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