Scorpio symbol shows an amazing, complex creature that is bent on survival.It is hostile, defensive,…

Scorpio sign shows an incredible, intricate creature that is bent on survival.It is hostile, defensive, careful and has a keen sense of surroundings. It is the very first predatory arachnids who left ocean and adapt to land. It crawls on ground and hide in dark corners or remain underground in freezing cold for months and if threatened then they attack with its harmful tail.
They have powerful feelings which is hidden under calm and detached exterior.They are passionate about love, money, politics, sports etc. They are great at investigator work and can do investigative and research study work, so, you might discover them as police, psychotherapy, historians, detectives, journalist, scuba divers or bankers etc. They can remain calm and wait for their turn and figured out to make it through and have a strong power to regrow.
It is 8th indication of zodiac and its rulers are Mars and Pluto

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