Seeing 1111, 1043, 911, 444 and 555

I see a lot of other synchronicites and indications, however they come and go. Does anyone understand what this means or have any assistance?

Ive been seeing 11:11 for a really long time, and composed a poem about it in HS. It stopped as I got older, but a couple of months before the Weinstein scandal broke, I started seeing it once again. I was seeing it a lot I began sending out screenshots of it on my phone to my skeptical sweetheart.

The Weinstein scandal broke, and I was on Twitter as a #MeToo activist. She was a really mentally ill dancer at a strip club in my city, and my boss, who was also a dancer, talked about her all the time.

I saw the numbers above consistently. Ive just recently begun seeing 11:11 once again.

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