Seeing 42

Hi Reddit,

2-3 months ago I truly got into meditation, improving my connection wit deep space/ the Source, * binaural beats * and facing life with a favorable attitude. I started using positive affirmations rather a lot and have actually primarily stopped taking in unorganic items. The benefits, of course, are remarkable and Ive never ever felt so pleased before. I also manifested A LOT of things with the Law of Attraction.

& #x 200B;

& #x 200B;.

Now that you know this background info, my question is – whats the significance of number 42? Ive been seeing it definitely everywhere (without trying to find it ofc). This number actually has been following me for at least 2-3 weeks now so I needed to ask Reddit. I woke up 1 hour earlier and by now I have actually seen it like 3-4 times on youtube videos and social networks (e.g. seeing a post with 42 likes, me being the 42nd like, playing a video I picked to continue after months and it turning at 4:42 and so on).

I likewise see 47, 49 and a little 44, the very first 2 numbers are also rather puzzling for me.

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