Seeing the number 27 amongst other everywhere

So since Feb 2018 I’ve been seeing 27 everwhere, not exageratting, like every 4th car numberplate, everytime I happen to look at the clock, a street sign ect. It’s pretty obvious this isn’t just my mind playing tricks on me. I’ve tried posting to r/angelnumbers but got nothing.

I assume if you’re on this subreddit you’ve experienced something similair so I’m not going to try and convince you or go intro too much detail but I have a few questions I pray someone can give me some clarity on

As said, I see 27 everywhere, it started at a very dark point in my life, I just left university after a neverous break and decided I was going to be a musician because that’s what I felt my life was leading towards. As soon as I made that decision to myself I looked at the clock and it was like 3:27, an hour later I looked at the clock it was 4:27, and hour later ect, It just went from there. From day one something was up, this couldn’t be a coincidence. Now if you’ve made the connection, 27 and musicians seem to have a connection, I’m incredibly concerned I might be part of the 27 club and even if this doesn’t get any traction as a post or any help at least it gives a record of whats happening in my life if I happen to be right.

I have also seen numbers like 1111, 222,444,999 ect every single day without fail, triple repeating numbers, I also see other repeating sequences but they all follow a very similair pattern beyond just a simple trick of the mind, it’s like telling someone you’ve seen a UFO, of course they wont believe you. And I’m fully aware i’m not the only one, even John Lennon experienced this from my research but the lack of annecdotal evidence that can legitamize this phenomana is strangely lacking, I’m aware it’s difficult to convince someone of something like this but it seems to happen to too many people to just be dissmised.

It might be that I’m thinking too far into this but with the chaos of reality and the universe the strange repetative and deliberate nature to this phenomena completely destroys all theories of existence, there can’t be complete chaos, this is like a director directing a scene, How can I just happen to walk down a street and see multiple cars drive past me in tandem with the number 27 on their numberplate, down 27 street next to a building with no 27? Like What the Fuck is Happening?

Beyond my experience, did others in history experience this? Did Jesus? Did Ghandi? If it did happen to Jesus how did it materialise itself? He saw 12 chickens? He saw 12 rows of houses? Sure we live in a time of numbers being litterally everywhere but theres something that seems way too deliberate about this shit.

Now I know this is going to get comments saying i’m thinking too much about this or giving no help at all and if so don’t bother posting, I just need some clarity by someone who’s been a little further down the rabbit hole. There has to be someone out there who can give me some sort of help with what’s going on, it’s been happening for over 2 years now and I don’t know what to do with this information.


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