Ok so there is way to much to explain in one post but this has been going on for YEARS and way too many times to be a coincidence!! And I can't seem to understand why. It's kind of freaky. So here are all the numbers I always see on a daily basis and a majority of the time on the clock but also other places reciepts, license plates, signs shirts etc. On the clock I see all triple digits , 1:11, 2:22,and double for 10-12, ex. 10:10:,11:11, etc and also 9:11, 7:11, you get the idea. I see all numbers at all times with those patterns, either triple, double or ending with 11. I think my "Life" number is 3, DOB 01-10-1990. Maybe I added wrong? Since I was 13 I noticed I had trouble sleeping and started waking up every night at 3am. Once I started high school I noticed waking up at 3:33am every night. I never noticed all the other numbers at that age like on the clock or places, I only saw 3:33 on the clock when I woke up. For the past 7 years, roughly, I've been noticing all the examples on a daily basis there are days that I see every combination on the clock, I just get this urge to look at the clock and when I do I see the numbers. And now it's happening everywhere to the point that I'm taking pictures as proof that I'm not going crazy!! Even my girlfriend is starting to see it now Everytime I notice the clock I show her. I even made a bet once that if I unlock my phone the time will either be triple or end in 11 you can guess what happened. Also there was one day where I saw all the combos on the clock and when I was driving home I pulled behind a Ford Raptor with the License Plate "BRIAN" !! THATS MY FRIGGIN NAME!!!! That made my hair standup! And I got video proof of it!! Lol I have pictures of today. I went to Walmart and my total was $111.11 and went out to my visit my parents and saw a license plate with "333 333" on it otw back to my place. Does anyone know what this means? I'm not crazy right? I'll post my pictures and the video if I can find it.