She going everywhere with you , isnt the earth 70 water now that I have your attention, do you …

She going all over with you, isnt the earth 70% water?
now that I have your attention, do you believe in saints/orishas?
Why not get in touch with then to help?
A worldwide prayer must absolutely be able to do something, if all sign up with at 11:11 pm tonight, not a move simply sit and hope, ether you think in this totally or you dont,.
See you then,.
The other days post: (I ought to put a video to get more views ♂) got yah tho with this one.
Ill be back to typical tomorrow to continue readings, (still $15)) to those that gotten readings the past couple of days please leave evaluation, to those who refunded, the only thing u can say is the scheduling, which I 100% confess too, and state that heavy, but theres a reason that the price is so low, for those who cant afford it, theres a lot of great healer out there that can do it on your time or your schedule, but I cant, I desire everybody to experience this,.
Candle work starting once again for $1, 10 areas right now, dm me (upgrade, 7 left) -.

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Update: Canada has isolated the infection, suggesting they can now check cures much faster & & easier, due to not having a guinea pig bring it, a remedy has currently begone in Canada, if they get this, which they will, it can stop it and enable it not to spread out until the last person is healed. Canada presently has the totally free health care, they said they where to cancel hockey & they got to work. God bless -.

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