Shri H.S.shastriji Eclipse on June 5.1115 pm to 234 am June 6.A Lunar Eclipse is…

Shri H.S.shastriji Eclipse on June 5.
11:15 pm to 2:34 am June 6.
A Lunar Eclipse is when the moon is covered by the shadow of the Earth.
This is a penumbral eclipse. The moon will not be completely covered but only slightly shadowed.
It is called strawberry eclipse.
Effects of this eclipse:
●Mood Swings, Stomach issues.
•Keep emotions in control, don’t overeat.
•Here are some things to be kept in mind ●Don’t eat food ● Eclipse is an excellent time for prayer and saadhana.
(According science)meditation and mantra jaap increase the immunity of the body and calm the mind
●Eclipse has an effect on the Earth
(According science)the cycle of the moon is strong enough to push and pull the sea waves, it is strong enough to affect the activity beneath the surface of the Earth. Watch out for more tectonic activity in some mountain area.
Destruction from water and water borne diseases. . ●Avoid ego and anger in the days to come.
Pick your words carefully.
Think before you act.
Don’t quit your job impulsively. ●Mantra jaap:
‘Om Namah Shivay, Shivay Namah Om’
or ओम श्रा श्रौ स: चन्द्राय नम: ●I’m sure that you all will try to keep calm. The world needs more kindness and happiness. ●Don’t be rude, it will ruin your Mercury. Mercury is cashflow. The only people who can afford to take ‘panga’ with the stars are those that have nothing to lose. ●Please share this post with people you care for and tag your friends.
The idea is to use the scientific logic in age old traditions and bust myths, so nobody gets taken for a ride.

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