Since its Taurus season, can someone give me a really detailed explanation of what Taurus symbolisesstands for outside of food and comfort

Random thought to do with homes: I question if Taurus guidelines the core parts of a home, the building, the structure, (because Taurus is stability) the inner kitchen, core family, the comfort of the sofas or comfort/luxury of gardens, and Libra is the interior decoration, the devices, small luxuries. If Im wrong about this), (Correct me.

Its the only indication I struggle to find detailed details on! I understand a lot on the other indications however know 0 about Taurus, and I say that after reading loads of astrology books and having the ability to check out a birth and understand chart.

E, g, I understand each indication completely, I understand Sag as an arrow, a cross country visitor, a candidate of truth, a various kind of fire compared to Aries or Leo, more than just standard buzz words, the understanding that every sign is entirely its own and needed for the 12 indications to be entirely in consistency– but I cant get more info on Taurus that isnt simply one-dimensional buzz words like food, cow, fields, lacking of its own sense of character and character.

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