Six of Swords, going from negative to positive, that is what I feel with this card. Troubles are le…

Six of Swords, going from negative to positive, that is what I feel with this card. Troubles are left behind, someone you had thought was lost to you will return to you. Last night in my dreams I was given some contracts to read, I could not because I did not have my reading glasses (yes, I am that old) with me and when I tried some that were lying there, I felt dizzy and could not read what it said on the paper. I am not meant to, we are not meant to, it is hidden for a reason 😊 and that is beautiful. This card warms my heart, it is like, taking all you have learned and get on that wee boat and just leave, leave all the troubles behind, the past, the poop, all the negativity…. I know I have said it a few times and I know some of you cannot hear it anymore (because we do not see evidence in 3D and we only believe what we see, right) but BUT BUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT it is happening, trust, simply trust that things are changing, shifting, moving into a positive direction. I look like a stranded whale for 2 weeks now, all this bloating, being late with my period (nah no menopause for me yet), heart burn, indigestion, all that has something to do with it, I am sure.
I run like Forrest Gump, I cut out the wine, I TRY to go to bed early (failed miserably) nothing helped and today it hit me, it has to do with all this shifting, retrogrades, etc. my body has always giving me signs, not just my dreams, I know when things are changing, shifting, etc. and I know the time is NOW. It must be, I am running out of leggings (nothing else fits) and if that continues, me looking like a BIG GIANT ORCA, I will go to work wrapped in my bedcovers and pretend its Roman Week.
On a serious note, I am sure, I am not the only one, there must be others who are in the same predicament, all this is connected with those planets being RX, direct or whatever (I will not pretend I know much about that stuff, there are talented readers out there who can help you on this subject) it simply has to do with all of this. Right, rant over, sorry it was a bit long but there you go.
Deck used: Mystical Tarot

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