So often I would look to experts on the stars the planetary movements, aspects between them, upcom…

Often I would look to specialists on the stars– the planetary motions, aspects in between them, upcoming retrogrades– and get lost in the middle of the jargon and the lack of action. They d tell me with a solemn nod and an air of magnificent diffidence that Mars was conjunct the Moon, “and really, need I say more?”

This is barely adequate to develop upon, and it hardly certifies as awareness for those who want to find out or much better understand … Im beginning to work on offering planetary meditations– which focus on the indications that planet is in, as well as the aspects to other worlds. Thats why Im recommending not just awareness of your dreams (last night, mine was about chasing after a salacious Boris Johnson out a 2nd story window, and a dashing physician conserving his life; and saving me from prison by supporting my story) however also communicating them someplace, to a buddy or partner, to your family pet, or in your journal.

Well. Yes, actually

Im breaking this meditation down over on the blog site, so you can read in more detail how these mantras concerned me to be shared. I hope you discover them helpful, and dedicate a couple of minutes today to exploring this heady Mercury energy were in today, and how its effecting you.

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