Spirit guide guidance reveal Card 1 – regeneration This card is much like The Tower from your …

Spirit guide guidance reveal!!! 🧿
Card 1 – regeneration
This card is much like The Tower from your classic tarot deck. There is a new beginning coming up for you, a second chance. What you were working up to has crumbled because it wasn’t meant to be. So pick up the piece and start all over again, now is your time to make this right.
Card 2 – a leg up
You need to let others help you. You’re determined to finish and complete this tough task by yourself but you need let others help you. What ever it might be with, lean on those you trust and they will help you accomplish what you’ve been meaning to for so long.
Card 3 – unfinished symphony (R)
Stop stalling and procrastinating. You’re letting yourself get distracted and steer you in different directions. Tie up those loose ends and get on with it. Don’t quit before the finish line, you can win this!
Card 4 – exchanging gifts (R)
This card truly indicates be careful what you wish for and be wary of the bagage that come with it. You need to be able to both give and take to make your dreams a reality. So work hard and reap your rewards and don’t let anyone influence you to do any different.
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