STANDARDS EXPECTATIONS by Having dreams is an amazing thing, but remember that…

STANDARDS ✅ / EXPECTATIONS ❌ by @lovesteadylife Having dreams is an amazing thing, but remember that co-creation is a dance between you and the universe, so we gotta leave a little room for the universe to freestyle (or maybe even pick us up like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing lol). Rooted in my integrity, with higher self embodied, I’m entirely *present* for every experience with an *open mind* READY for miracles, for the universe to surprise me. I trust that while my visions may feel profound, and my dreans close to my heart, there’s some information that I just don’t have access to, until it *presents itself to me* via the universe, and so I stay #openminded and #present #inthemoment so I can acknowledge the new data I’m receiving.
As opposed to being stuck in your head, projecting your desires onto your reality, and leaving no room for universe to do its thang, activate the *miracle mindset* and be ready for the universe to *surprise you*. We don’t know everything, there is still more to learn and understand, so let’s stay present so we can receive the lightcodes, and trust that the ingenuity of the human mind is flexible and able to expand and process new data at quantum speeds #integration.
By setting expectations we not only project our human desires onto the now moment, but that projection blocks our ability to see what’s really there and so we’re not able to actually interact and work with reality in the now moment because we’re living in our heads/the projector. By allowing self to do this, we constrict the potential realities we can align with and only make ourselves available to the realities that we’re *expecting*…. but what if the universe has way more deliciousness intended for you than you were *expecting*? That’s why I say that setting expectations constricts the potential the universe has for us.
So, I’ll be removing the word expectation from my vocabulary asap because I’m soooo ready for the universe to *surprise me* with some abundant blessings and miracles!! 😍🤩🥰😋🤗✨🥂
Love you!!!
Brigettte 🔮💕
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