Start of the week reading I had a potent DOC pull last week that I wanted to share. And many people…

Start of the week reading: I had a powerful DOC pull last week that I desired to share. And lots of people have actually been pulling mixes of Wild Woman, Love Goddess, Gold Coins, and Gold Mine. While 2019 has actually been filled with more difficult inner-work and self-healing, it is leading to such a deep sense of self-regard. Gold Coins and Gold Mine certainly can reflect chapters of monetary abundance, but it much more deeply (and significantly) symbolizes an authentic sense of individual empowerment. When you feel empowered, you can openly “pop-off,” favorably influence your neighborhood, and take advantage of the abundance of deep space. And in my journey, seeming like I had the authority to share my true caring self and abundance with my world around me was difficult to accept. To me, utilizing your power for favorable influence is the most stunning gold mine anyone can achieve. Such a lovely minute in the land of The DOC. Thanks for playing, gang.

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