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OVERVIEW: The full moon in Scorpio adds intensity to emotions. This cause stubborn behaviour resulting in awkward endings.

Bring agreements up to date or settle anything owed. Loose ends can bite back later. Those needing to move on will have the opportunity now. Adjust jointly held finances or assets one way or the other. Whispered information acts like a thumb on the scale affecting decisions. it will need to be accurate.

Ignore cranky behaviour all ages. It will blow over. Watch spending on frivolous items.

Keep receipts in case you want a refund or exchange. Increase security to affect how things will play out in the long run. Be calm and cool.

ARIES: Meet with key players in person or virtually. Compare agenda’s to choose the best one.

TAURUS: You take charge and pull strings others were not aware you had available to you now.

GEMINI: Behind the scenes arrangements give you information or evidence needed. Go ahead.

CANCER: Consider timing when making demands on those who will need longer to prepare.

LEO: You are lifted up by the support you get from others in business or personal areas etc.

VIRGO: Plans to travel or change locations unfold in ways you had hoped. Have patience.

LIBRA: You feel lucky and you are. Step forward or take on additional responsibility soon.

SCORPIO: The full moon in your sign shows how set you are in your ways. Resist others.

SAGITTARIUS: Make use of secrets or confidential information to increase your leverage.

CAPRICORN: Others appreciate your help in monetary ways or alternate forms of value.

AQUARIUS: Your influence extends to decisions regarding property or residential matters.

PISCES: Your ability to influence others is magical. They don’t realize what is happening.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Her column appears each week in The Okanagan Weekend. Contact her via email at

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