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Full Moon 18° Libra by Ida Michelle
The Libra full moon falls on April 7th/8th, 2020 and is quincunx Neptune.Other important aspects: Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Mars squares Uranus These aspects may make you feel caged in due to restrictions as summarized by Astrology King. Thinking smart before acting will be key.

Astrology King continues, “The key to remaining safe during full moon April 2020 is using your brain. Mercury sextile Jupiter-Pluto means thinking, communications and local travel are assets. Use this full moon to change your way of thinking. Listen to advice, share your knowledge and be smart about how you move around and interact with your neighbors.” When thinking about Libra you can instantly go the balancing scales. Libra is also our connectedness to others in the form of relationships. The important thing to remember this full moon is balance the stresses with the good. Find the silver lining in the situation, no matter how buried it may be. Balance your heart feels with Libra’s air head logic.
Have been talking about this for the past week or longer already, but going to say it again like a broken record: how this pandemic impacts/ transforms/reconstructs a relationship will be deeply personal and will depend on the individual bond of the relationship. Nothing more nothing less. Relationships that are meant to fall off in physical reality or change or transform into purely a spiritual realm based relationship, will. Not saying these changes will be easy, no matter the relationship change, but that’s where Libra energy will be vital and significant.

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