T H E P O W E R O F T H E T I G E RI recently was invited to an evening together with frien…

I recently was invited to an evening together with friends to enjoy a discussion around the book by Arianna Ruffinengo : Tigre y Mira – El Poder Esta’ en Ti.
According to the Chinese horoscope I am a Tiger and I found this invitation being a kind of synchronicity for me. It is like the time has come and the Tiger within is awakening. But to my surprise not to kill or attack a prey… Actually to practice love for herself has never before and in so doing to pass love on others and who is open to receive it.
I don’t feel the well- known power of a Tiger inside of me these days. Actually I feel very vulnerable and living in what I call the ‘ flowing mode’ of life ‘. Present to my own basic needs.
It is the part of the Tiger that wants to relax and rest. Be under a beautiful tree while enjoying its shadow and doing nothing else than living the moment and observing peacefully the world moving around.
And guess what? Things happen while I am doing less and less and less, while ‘ shrinking’ and allowing the outside to expand towards me. No more viceversa. What a different rhythm and experience. What a different dimension of life is ‘Being ‘ vs ‘ Doing’ , yes, as I had already stated at the end of my first book in 2008 , Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back – A True Story ( available on Kindle Amazon). It is about surrendering versus resisting and tensing. This is the part of the Tiger I always found hard to integrate.
Besides the insights I had during the evening I heard beautiful sharing of other women and I went home quietly and solitary like a much satisfies Tiger 🐅, I had in fact beautiful food for thoughts!
Tks to All there! .
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