Tarot of the day collective conscious 1. Guardian challenge for the day the challenge for the …

Tarot of the day * cumulative mindful *.
1. Guardian (difficulty for the day): the difficulty for the day is protecting and securing your inner child but also allowing and trusting your spirit guides and guardian angels to safeguard you from any harm, whether it be physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional harm.
2. Rekindle (energy to use today): rekindle your belief of magic in the world. Revisit the youth magic and seeing things and the world through a kids eye or point of view. Rekindle that childlike delight and joy as you set about your day and experience things throughout your life.
3. Support in challenger position (energy to avoid today): prevent obstructing the nurturing and kind spirit you have but likewise dont push individuals away or obstruct individuals from nurturing you and looking after you when you need it.
Flow in opposition position (positivity for the day): open yourself up to going with the circulation and accepting modification into your routine. If you obstruct the flow of the day or your imagination you are obstructing yourself from experiencing things you may not experience on a daily basis and miss out on specific chances you do not always get.

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