Tarotscope for the month August.Scorpio – Schorpioen Its time to show the other side of you, sco…

Tarotscope for the month August.

Scorpio – Schorpioen
It’s time to show the other side of you, scorpio.
You’ve been playing this part long enough. Spirit wants you to show the depths of your soul. The time of just wanting to fit in is over.
You need to start expressing the true you. Deep, mystical and determined.
If the people around you don’t like the authentic you, they weren’t your people to begin with.
You came a long way business wise. You’ve had a couple of successes, but you’re not there yet. There’s more to achieve. Don’t lose focus.
There’s someone that keeps testing you. This person things they know it all. Most of the time they come of harsh. Not always in control of their temper.
Set this person straight for ones and for all.
Either they start working on how they approach you or you no longer want them around you. Period!
Set boundaries for this person. This isn’t healthy.

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