Tell me about your Sun Sign, what House its in, and what PlanetsAngles it Aspects

Have a Gemini Sun/Mercury Conjunction in my 10H, tight Opposition to Sagittarius Pluto in the 4H

In my life, this plays out:
Note: *** – a working theory of mine; don’t know if this plays out in other people’s lives as well

1. Absentee dad (Sun Opp Pluto)
2. No siblings – only child (Mercury Opp Pluto) ***
3. Dissatifaction with personal achievements :< (Sun-Pluto)
4. Ballsy personality (Sun-Pluto)
5. A bit antagonistic in speech (Mercury-Pluto)
6. Excels in subjects only if I find them interesting (Mercury-Pluto)
7. Strongly identifies with intellect (Sun-Mercury)

What about you? What House is your Sun Sign in? And does it have aspects to angles and/or planets? How does your Sun’s House and Aspects play out in real life? Do tell!

Edit: So many Sun-Pluto people out here with their Daddy Issues! Internet hug T—T Shall we start a support group or something? Haha

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