Thank you to all the wonderful clients who have spread word-of-mouth I am so lucky to have been so …

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Thank you to all the fantastic customers who have spread out word-of-mouth! I am so fortunate to have been so blessed to get up every single day delighted to meet somebody new that I can assist with my enthusiasm! It actually makes me wreck a little. Ok, a lot! Its been a really difficult year, however knowing that I finally work that I love and amount to complete strangers believing in me has actually changed my point of view totally. Im so ecstatic to be releasing a website and Junk-food astrology newsletter with fun analyses of star charts, historical occasions, and my analysis of past and present transits!
Thank you. Thank you.

Art work by @kerrysdiary. Please have a look at her Instagram due to the fact that shes so skilled! Her product is wild! X.

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