The Age of air signs – The people it will favor

I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about the “Age of Aquarius” which everyone defines in a different way but I actually wanted to comment on the rule of the air signs and how it will be different. The reason I am posting this is because I run an astrology blog (not going to promote it here) and I get a lot of people asking me how the rule of the air signs will affect their lives.

On December 20, both Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction changing from an earth to an air sign. Now this happened temporarily in Libra in the 80s and then, the ground work was being laid to invent the internet. I am going to actually point out why this is relevant later on.

*To start off, the rule of Air is a new age of transparency and tighter accountability of character.*

Gemini rules Mercury and many can say even the media, hence the messenger.

What’s odd to note about the other two air signs, Aquarius and Libra, is their Saturnian nature. Aquarius is the domicile of Saturn and the planet is considered to sit in its highest potential (exalted) in Libra.

Yet, the nature of air is a different kind of a parent. The nature of an airy discipline is not to beat you or punish you directly, it is to expose your dirty laundry and say “now explain yourself”. In this case, Mercury and not even Saturn do the damage to you themselves, the let the angry mob take care of you when you have been exposed as someone fraudulent and not true.

Such will be the nature of the air age, the age of transparency and radical change. Now Air is different in that it is ideas and beliefs. You will see the greatest inventions happen in many fields but also traditionally held beliefs that were never supposed to be challenged, challenged. This means that accountability for leaders who were unquestioned is going to almost be at an all time high to where they are at the mercy of the idea as opposed to power.

Why should I listen to you? Because you’re the Pope? *You can still be wrong*.

Why are you somehow impervious to criticism? Oh because you go around parading yourself as a tolerant person? *How exactly?*

Even traditional institutions like the news or large companies that parade themselves as the good guys will be challenged. Well, it has been happening a lot since the turn of the century, it is going to ramp up like crazy now.

The punishment from the age of air signs will not come in a physical form, instead, it will come in a permanent damage to your reputation and brand which will become your currency.

**Remember when I talked about the internet?**

Well think about what it has brought and how it has contributed to the age of transparency. How you can easily fact check someone with Google or how easily you can make information accessible. Now imagine how with wifi on your phone, you can easily record an immoral person putting on a mask in their darkest moment and throw it on the internet. Expect this and the technology behind it to ramp up to another level. Unfortunately, we all have skeletons in our closet so buckle up!

So let’s talk about the kinds of people who will win in this age and come out on top.

*People who are unapologetically transparent and themselves.*

People who are too blunt for their own good at times and unapologetically themselves will be the big winners in this age because they have little to hide. The people who could care less about what others think and just own their core personality will be the biggest winners in this age. Even think about how Youtube has given influencers a chance to start channels, share their thoughts, and make money overtime.

Not many people are really themselves and unapologetically transparent though. I’d say 20 times as many people claim to be than actually are. The age of air will show who is real and who is fake, the fake are going to get a very tough punishment.

*Good debaters who can win any argument.*

The pen will truly be mightier than the sword, mightier than ever. Hope you have some lawyer friends, if not I’d get some and debate with them. The age of air will favor the people who can debate well and back up their points with legitimate evidence. Objective people who can prove you wrong with facts and tear apart your moral high ground are going to win big in this age. These will be the same people to come along and challenge society structures.

*The true justice warriors who were overlooked and fighting for real justice.*

Not the limousine liberal who sipped wine talking about how much he loves minorities while staying in the richest whitest neighborhoods, I am talking the person who legitimately helped an underprivileged human being. For far too long, society overlooked that person in favor of the person who promoted helping people (while not really doing it for a genuine purpose). In other words, genuinely good people who did it for the right cause, not because they wanted to be seen as good people by the public.

*The talented yet overlooked.*

Now more than ever, opportunities exist for people who may be underprivileged to get ahead in life by finding information. Not saying it is perfect though, we have a long way to go. The age of air will make it more possible for someone who was not the blue blood privileged old money type to get similar access to information and education that type had. You will not need an Ivy League education to get to the highest points of society like you did decades ago, in fact certain thriving industries like tech hire people without college degrees.

**Now as for astrology and placements?**

I see this age heavily favoring fire and air signs. Now there is more to this but I say fire signs because fire signs can be very direct and prefer not to be so covert (Leos are an exception here though at times). In other words, the fire sign is the class clown who everyone ends up loving. Air signs will win because they can argue and rationally use logic to win a situation rather than appealing to emotions to get ahead.

Geminis might actually end up seeing an unfair advantage in this age or just anyone with a favorable chart in terms of Mercury. The reason I say this is because I see this as the information age and Gemini is the messenger. Now is Gemini potentially two-faced? Yes they are, but the difference is they can argue their way out of being two-faced to where others don’t get as upset about it.

Now there is more than the sign. I think anyone with a chart that is favorably ruled by Sun, Mercury, and the more outward personality planets is going to thrive in this age if they are truly being themselves.

As for who will be in a bad spot? I can talk about that in my next post.

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