The AuraThe human body is only one aspect of our beings We are comprised of mind, body spiri…

The Aura

The human body is only one aspect of our beings! We are comprised of mind, body + spirit // each of these must be cared for to maintain balance. The aura is a layer of our spirit or energy body. It surrounds our body and extends about 4-5 feet in each direction. It shines brightly when we are in good health, and is dim when our systems are depleted. It can be another helpful tool in checking overall health + wellness!

The aura color varies from person to person, and can change based on your current situation. The color indicates which chakras you are currently working with, or perhaps blocks you may be experiencing.

The aura connects all other energy channels of the body + protects us from outside influences. With awareness + intention, anyone can cleanse their aura! My favorite way is to close your eyes, and relax your breathing, deepening the inhales + exhales…then with awareness, on the inhale imagine a beam of light coming down from the sky and cascading over your crown chakra, filling your aura, the space around your body, with light. As you exhale, imagine any debris + stagnation being flushed from your system + into the air. Continue this for a few breaths, or until you feel a sense of lightness.

Our minds are so powerful! Did you notice anything come up for you? Sometimes you may see a color or feel vibrations. Everyone’s experience is unique + perfect. XO Alyson

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