The Cancer Full Moon eclipse on the 10th is penumbral- meaning it is barely an eclipse, but it is th…

The Cancer Moon eclipse on the 10th is penumbral- indicating it is barely an eclipse, but it is the closing point for the portal that opened on December 26th in the Capricorn Total Solar Eclipse and therefore a potent Moon for truly looking at what needs to transform and what requires to anchor. Find which home includes the indication of Capricorn to find out more on where in your life this anchored transformation is being activated.

If you can, take some time to sit with yourself on or around the Full Moon. Cancer looks for psychological connection and security that develops cultures. For these connections to be sustainable they should come from a place of inner fact.
Whatever your fact is, it is ready for you to take a look at it. It is prepared for sincere and sober reflection. It is ready for magic and alchemy and improvement. These may look like opposing movements, but these are exactly the energies integrating in the sky right now and showing to us here in the world. This can be challenging, but it can also be exceptionally liberating. This can be a point from which we end up being the magicians of our own lives. – Insights by @zoeywindastrology
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