The categorization of all drugs as being associated with Neptune seems to be an overly-simplified, stigmatized understanding of drugs.

I always see drugs being associated with Neptune, since Neptune clouds your judgement, and uh, apparently all drugs just cloud your judgement and make you silly? This looks like a really stigmatized, extremely streamlined, boring way of approaching the subject. Youre going to classify caffeine, morphine, and LSD under the exact same energy? If we could be more succinct, I believe it would be really fascinating. For example, I think cannabis is really neptunian (also Venusian tho) due to the fact that it truly does cloud your mind in a very dreamy, innovative way. It enables you to think in a different way, more creatively and spontaneously, however then this can lead into delusions. Obviously stimulants = mars. What about psychedelics? They broaden your mind. They simply magnify every element of your mind, your feelings end up being more extreme, your thoughts race, and your true self becomes more obvious. This sounds like Pluto. Due to the fact that psychedelics can drag you into the dark depths of your mind that you do NOT desire to see unless youre ready, which is likewise fitting. Some other substances that would be fascinating to think about would be dissociatives (ketamine, dxm, laughing gas) or salvia.

I would like to hear other individuals ideas on how they would classify different classes of drugs.

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