The Definitive Game of Thrones Houses by Zodiac Sign, in honour of a once great show


Repaired – Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell

Cardinal – Baratheon, Targaryen, Arryn, Bolton

Mutable – Frey, Martell, Baelish, Tully

Aries – Baratheon

Bull-headed, overconfident, honest, quick to action, sprinter not marathon runner – MARS

Libra – Targaryan

Balance vs Unbalance, Justice, Karma, Beauty, Art, Dashing Deeds, Judgement – VENUS

Taurus – Tyrell

Growing, nourishing, love of kind, love of throat and oral, love of food, love of bounty, remarkably strong, loyal (staying on one side) – VENUS

Scorpio – GreyJoy

Lacking, combating for nutrition, sexual wound, sexual effectiveness, effectiveness of arms and battle, we do not sow, the absence of growth, light, nutrition, the value of survival in winter season, in barren lands, the survivor, the wounded – MARS

Gemini – Frey

Ruling interaction, short journeys, two-faced, short-term-focused, totally pragmatic, immediately useful, utterly amoral, siblings, loved ones, THE TWINS

Sagitttarius – Martell

Zealous, energetic, zealot, extensive, writer, adjustable, fiery and hot, acting for “justice”, passionate, eventually … good(?) … natured (?), believes strongly in own cause – JUPITER

Arryn – Cancer

Lunar, maternal nourishment, womblike, untouchable, strengthened with maternal impacts, secured maternally, maternal action, safe, sagacious, reputable, RELIABLE – MOON

Capricorn – Bolton

Unflinching, the most hash and frightening instructor, the worst reality, the most uphill struggle, the most uncomfortable reality, WINTER – SATURN

Leo – Lannister

Pride, love of self, love of family and possessions, dark Leo Scar for example, unbiased charm, beauty is reality and Tyrion is the most beautiful Lannister, whats so ADMIRABLE about Tyrion – Leo sincere desire – SUN

Aquarius – Stark

High idealist, various, out of package, unusual in contrast to others, all characters have strange and different methods of doing things, all characters are eventually good-natured, although its debatable whether their actions assisted or damaged, ability to teleport (only semi joking) – SATURN

Virgo – Baelish

Home builder, the most well-crafted story or anything, everything completely put with the optimum performance for energy yield to output, the working class, resourcefulness, rising in social standing through wits and knowledge, attention to detail, CRAFTSMANSHIP – MERCURY

Pisces – Tully

Remarkable, intricate, paranoid, story-telling, love, dying and living for love, amoral, water and liquifying – JUPITER

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