The encounter of retrograde Mercury with the Sun in Cancer brings to the present day internal clarit…

The encounter of retrograde Mercury with the Sun in Cancer brings to today day internal clearness. Todays vibration forces us to contact deep and/ or hidden elements of ourselves and scenarios. We are seeing with more clarity and in a mix of rationality and instinct what occurs within us, what we can not and ought to not hide. There is a fantastic possibility of insights and epiphanies of real services for our lives. The positioning of the mental body with Essence, suggested by the positioning of today, brings to the mindful mind all that we must be and what is our path to follow.
The opposition of Venus and Pluto shows a dichotomy in between maintaining the appraisal of what is familiar to us (Venus in Cancer) and breaking old rigid structures (Pluto in Capricorn). It takes clarity to discern what must truly be valued and what is unneeded. This positioning also increases receptivity to sexual energy, particularly through other individuals; it is good to utilize this energy as fuel for change, to get out of stagnation.
Vibration day of the master number 22, brings constructive force, aspiration and require to do both for oneself and for others. Exceptional day to work our potentials, much more by the combination Sun-Mercury, which likewise brings the clarity essential to continue our life projects.

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