The first time I set out to learn astrology, I failed.Utterly.Theres just SO much information…

The very first time I set out to learn astrology, I failed.


Theres so much info!

Then, in the utilized section of my local metaphysical bookstore, I discovered the then out-of-print The Oracle of the Radiant Sun, and I knew I d found my answer to learning astrology.

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When Red Feather brought it back into print!! The effective orb of the life-giving Sun has been worshiped from time immemorial, I was so excited. Its routine passage across the sky was utilized by the ancients to forecast events, and this ended up being the astrology we understand today. Now, with 84 magnificently highlighted symbolic cards and detailed guidebook, you too can follow the Suns course across the paradises and utilize its light to assist direct your life. This oracle has seven suits, with each representing a substantial world as it moves through the astrological zodiac. Discover the significances of the worlds in the twelve astrological homes and zodiac indications, apply quick-and-easy reading approaches for a variety of consultation levels, and even get a year-long astrological projection. By shuffling the deck and choosing cards, you will find assistance on any concern! This fun-to-use system will clarify all your life concerns in a perceptive and accurate way.

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