The House series is back in session. We continue onto the top half of the wheel, into the 7th House….

The House series is back in session. We continue onto the top half of the wheel, into the 7th House. We have left the lower half, which was concerned about the individual and things directly about them. Now we are onto the more objective side where it’s not really about you anymore, but how you deal with forces outside of you. Natively ruled by Libra and Venus, the 7th House concerns individuals that are not you. Your partners, romantic and business. This house rules contracts and connections that are essential to us. It rules perspectives these other people provide us that are not our own. But “The Other” is a reflection of ourselves ultimately. We attract these people in this house because of the cusp sign and planets located here. That is the energy you “project” as NOT you, but it is precisely what people see. The opposite sign of your Ascendant. If you’re an Aries rising, the law of attraction means you will attract Libra energy to you, because that energy comes out of you when you are around others. And so we see the connection to the opposite house. We see ourselves as our rising sign, and that projects into the other sign. If you’ve ever wondered why certain Sun or Moon signs are around you, look to your 7th house sign. That will possibly explain it! You disregard this energy as outside of you, but it is still you. And it is noticeable to others. Somebody with a Sun in the 7th house would feel most bright in the company of important people in their lives. Moon 7th house would lead to other people’s emotions being taken on as your own. Saturn in the 7th indicates that commitment and structure in relationships is both a challenge but is essential to your development as a human being. This is just as important as your Ascendant. For every Eastern horizon, there is a Western Horizon. For every sunrise, there is a sunset. Somebody with planets here would have that planet in a “descending” state. Your Descendant is you. It’s just found through important people in your life. And those people will challenge you and test you. But they are the most important people for your personal development. Your sign will be how you handle that.

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