The Houses in Astrology

The houses give you even more information about your planetary placements by revealing the sectors of life in which these planets are likely to manifest. The houses look like slices of pizza, and each slice represents an arena of life.

A brief explanation of what each of the houses represent:

**1st house The Ascendant / Rising Sign** – identity, body, self and appearance.

**2nd house -** possessions, values and money that you earn.

**3rd house -** communication, siblings, third house, short distance travel.

**4th house / IC** – home, family, emotional state.

**5th house** – romance, entertainment, children, creativity.

**6th house** – health, daily routines, service.

**7th house / Descendant** – one to one contacts, business partnerships, marriage.

**8th house -** shared resources, intimacy, death.

**9th house -** travel, learning, spirituality.

**10th house / Midheaven** – professional career, reputation, public persona.

**11th house -** friends, groups, organizations, hopes and dreams.

**12th house -** subconscious, dream world, what is hidden.

So each sector is a certain arena of life, but I like to think of them as landlords. Think of the planets as tenants within the landlord’s property. The landlord informs the going-ons of the property, but the planet is actually doing the action, living in that house. The planet, or tenant, answers to the landlord in terms of how that house operates. If the landlord does not have any tenants currently in the property, the house is owned and operated by the landlord. So if you have an empty house within your pizza pie of your chart, fear not. It does not mean that sector of life is a reality for you – simply that the landlord takes command of the tasks of the house. For more information on how you approach the affairs of that house, you would look to the planet on the cusp of the house, follow that sign’s planetary ruler and look at what that planet is doing.

So for example, if Libra is the sign that rules your 2nd house, you would follow Libra’s planetary ruler – Venus – for more information about how you approach finances and possessions. Look to your natal Venus condition, aspects and house location for more information about how you approach money and value within your life.

We look to houses to better understand how our natal planet is operating. Where your planets are located will alter how it functions. Take two natives who both have Venus, the planet of love, beauty and pleasure, in Taurus. Yet one has an ascendant in Leo, so the Venus falls within their 10th house of career, public persona and reputation. This will manifest their Venus in a mainly professional environment, perhaps working in a career that involves beauty, aesthetics or design and being known for their harmonious, beauty-seeking eye. Yet the other native has an Aquarius rising, so Venus in Taurus falls in the 4th house of home, family and emotional state, which will likely manifest as harmonious relationships with family or an eye for home decor. Same placement, yet different houses influence **where** in life those Venusian tendencies will be filtered through.

So when you look to your chart, look at which houses have a strong concentration for you. If you have three or more planets having a party within one of the slices of pizza, or houses, you have what is called a stellium. Think of houses with lots of planets as a sector of life with lots of emphasis for you and where lots of growth will take place – so if you have 3 or more planets concentrated in your 6th house, for example, expect lots of soul growth to come from the arena of health, daily routines, service and working.

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