The Leo Full Moon is an invitation to remember how powerful you are. .Tap into your lioness sp…

The Leo Full Moon is an invite to bear in mind how effective you are. ♌
Use your lioness spirit.
You have the capability to rise above any obstacle that comes your way and emerge stronger and better
Where are you being called to step up and take a stand for yourself?
There is an extremely spirited side to this Leo moon.
A tip of the magnetic power of joy.
Happiness is your bequest.
Link to that inner kid and ask what she needs in order to feel safe having enjoyable and embracing playfulness
How can you incorporate more play into your daily life?
With all this fire energy and a mix of the water component emotions can feel extra amplified and powerful right now.
Take notice of what is emerging.
Its coming near be released, recovered, acknowledged, or more deeply incorporated into your experience
This lunar energy can support you in more deeply linking to your big dreams and vision for your life
If you totally relied on the universe had your back, what would you state yes to today?
Equally important, what would you say no too?
Set some time aside to feel into this energy and how it is supporting you on your present life journey and course
Some of my preferred practices for the Full Moon include: Oracle card pulls.
Charging crystals.
EFT/Tapping Akashic journeys.
Most significantly, requiring time and area to recenter.
Release, forgive and let go of the past.
Welcome the boundless possibilities the future offers.
Celebrating today moment and my true blessings
If you d like to sign up with tonights Full Moon Ceremony you will be directed in an effective journey into your Akashic Records to get an unique Full Moon message in this sacred space.
Followed by EFT/Tapping to energetically recalibrate your energy to its greatest capacity. ** Message for more details and link to join **
Lots of Love & & Lunar Blessings. Kara
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