The moon has moved in to LEO for 2 days. If youre AQUARIUS youve entered a short opposition. Watch…

The moon has moved in to LEO for 2 days. If you’re AQUARIUS you’ve entered a short opposition. Watch out for wrist and ankle injuries. Also, be careful when it comes to throwing down the gauntlet and quitting a job or ending a relationship. Wait two days, let cooler heads prevail for now. A moon in Leo will shine a spotlight on issues and sprinkle our lives with a little drama. Keep your ego in check and think before you react to people. Moon in Leo is a good time to dye your hair or to go out of your way to show someone you love, they matter to you! Leo likes it when people can see how much they’re loved. Leo rules the ‘heart’, it’s a great aspect for a romantic dinner. Leo’s a good sign for anything theatrical or to move along projects in the entertainment industry. The sun in ARIES is burning brightly bringing with it motivation and impatience. It’s a great sign for getting things done. Everyone will feel impatient waiting for a Covid-19 treatment to be implemented. You will see tempers flare. People need exercise in a double fire sign, so work out your angst in a constructive way. LIBRA might be feeling ‘off’ in their month long opposition in Aries. If you’re a Libra, hang in there, rest your mind and avoid arguments.

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