The Power of Sagittarius Purva Ashada NakshatraIve decided to use the example of Adolf Hitler as…

The Power of Sagittarius: Purva Ashada Nakshatra

I’ve decided to use the example of Adolf Hitler as I feel that he is a good (although obviously cruel) example of the strength, passion and idealism of Sagittarius.
All fire signs have very strong personalities, very strong ideals and tend to care very little about what anyone else has to say about them. Specifically the nakshatra of Purva Ashada (a generally pleasant yet secretive and internally quite monstrously dominant) is what I’ll be discussing and yes, Hitler himself had his moon perfectly nested here.
Purva Ashada is an incredible lunar mansion. They naturally have a taste for the finer things in life and insist on aestheticism in pretty much everything (they do have a spiritual side that they often struggle with but that’s for a future post). Sagittarius in general is a very strategic sign but this could not be more true for Purva Ashada. These fellows know how to get what they want, either through the most diplomatic of means or through actual war — Sagittarius and the other fire signs have a lot to do with burning down buildings and destruction of all kinds in order to forcefully impose their own authority.

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