The Real Age Of Aquarius

One of the phenomenons I find most interesting is the new age take on the Age of Aquarius. These takes are mostly made on the premise that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. They appear to be a continuation of the 60s and 70s baby boomer generation hippie movements. Flower power and all of that.

The new age of Aquarius was supposed to end all suffering, usherin world peace (not justice), egalitarianism. This was fanciful thinking on their part in my opinion and not based on anything Aquarian or astrological.

Aquarius is a Saturn sign. The dead of winter. The Sun in its detriment. Desolation, adherence to systems, numbers, sacrifice of identity, math, technocracy, electronics, tech.

What the Age of Aquarius really means is the end of humans governing our lives. It really means systems governing our lives. Now these systems are created and programmed by humans and can be programmed with human biases… but they’re either semi-automated or fully automated. In the not too distant future…possibly autonomous and making sentient decisions and making those decisions very consistently without much deviation unlike the human mind.

This cold, calculated, impersonal form of governance and societal function is rapidly approaching.

The baby boomer generation that makes up congress was tasked with questioning Mark Zuckerberg on the nature of Facebook’s relationship with Cambridge Analytica. It was clear and apparent that the Senators questioning him had zero idea how Facebook, the internet, data mining functions.

But the generations younger than those boomers? Many do understand and have been acclimated to the new reality of data mining, 24/7 surveillance, automation everywhere, RFID verification for credit card/debit cards. Sophisticated apps that connect someone who wants a ride with a totally random driver.

Boston Mechanics is developing robots that can scale walls, open doors, fall down and get back up. Drone’s that cost under $1,000 can travel and capture footage via a GPS route you set yourself and travel those routes without your control input. Your smartphone is a supercomputer that fits in your pocket.

Sooner or later supermarket clerks and truckers will be replaced by A.I.

This is the real Age of Aquarius. Electronic rule, systems running society in a very structured way. Now the question is, what happens to spirit?

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