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The Sun conjunct the Moon's North Node in Cancer and opposing Wise Elder Saturn in Capricorn conjunct the Moon's South Node. It's a time for engaging and potential resolution of karmic issues with some 'heavyweight' energies around now through to the Partial Solar Eclipse on 16 July. It's not an easy week but potentially a fruitful one if there's willingness to take the ride as consciously as you can. The calling is to self-mastery, self-mastery with love. Challenges arising could be around themes such as real boundaries (rather than controlling ones), responsibilities, integrity, feeling low or unable to face what's taking place and power/powerlessness. The evolutionary response is about getting real yet responding from kindness and self-love... it's the combination of tough love and tenderness. What do you need most? Despite the energy dynamics there is magic in the air too, in terms of finer energies pouring in as support to the evolutionary shift needed. Making space for your spiritual practice ... meditation, yoga, chant, being in nature ... is vital now, no matter the pressure not to. Now more than ever it's vital to see what sits where in terms of humanness and consciousness. A supportive question might be: 'Whatever the 'story' is, who or what is seeing it?' That's where the shift arises. It's also where the magic of growing consciousness reveals the required words, action or simply the letting go to 'not knowing' that opens something new. Cassandra Eve~Whole Woman. #wholewomanastrology #dailyhoroscope #tuesdaythoughts #giveupthestruggle #letgo #trust #flow #changeperspective #perspectiveiseverything #kindness #softening #vulnerability #feelingishealing #astrology #astrologer #zodiac #horoscope