The sun has come back full circle if you are sun sigh libra, which means the sun is illuminating and…

The sun has come back cycle if you are sun sigh libra, which implies the sun is illuminating and casting light on your individuality. This is neither great nor bad, but rather a possibility at personal development. Libras have beautiful souls but libra has the opposite qualities of the sun, that make this position a tough one. The sun prefers remaining in #aries or #leo, as these have to do with self-confidence, self and assertion identity. Libra is the opposite, its about other people, and kindness, which is terrific but not when it costs you personally, which is what occurs generally with sun in libra. Due to the fact that they prevent conflict and do not understand how to assert themselves without feeling guilty of being selfish, these people are usually taken benefit of. This is the challenge for sun in libra people.

The ancients studied this and compiled a wealth of understanding in medical astrology. They found links to the signs and planets to our bodies and how the worlds impact specific locations. Using this understanding, we can utilize reiki and Crystals like garnet and sunstone to strengthen the sun energy as well as reiki on the heart and kidneys, which are necessary to the sun and libra, and may in return purify these feelings into self-confidence.

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