The uglier parts of your chart

I wanna talk about the placements you have that can lead you to more negative/toxic behavior in your life. Obviously every placement can show itself in plenty of ways, and plenty arent negative. But I’m in the mood for some reflection!

My venus in gemini is just *messed up* I always feel like the grass is greener somewhere else and maybe I’d be happier if I just upped and moved to south America and left everybody behind. It makes me a sweet talker with an escape plan. I have to fight against the desire to just leave people hanging. My moon is in sag too and them doubled up make it hard for me to really miss someone. I just want to keep it moving. My sun being in cancer is a blessing because otherwise I have no idea how much worse I’d handle relationships. Cancer keeps me from buying that plane ticket but sag/gem still check the prices occasionally.

What about you?

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