THE USA NATAL CHART..The mass killings we have experienced in this country can be seen in the sta…


The mass killings we have actually experienced in this nation can be seen in the stars. The Lunar Eclispe a few weeks ago landed right on the countrys natal Sun which rules the 9th House which rules … approach
Transiting Mars was conjunct transiting Sun and opposite USAs natal Moon in AQUARIUS ♒ (the shooters think they are defending the cumulative against migration). On top of all that transiting Jupiter is in a close opposition to natal Uranus indicating multiple events of unanticipated chaos. Jupiter in SAG ♐ not only rules law but it rules our philosophies and beliefs
The men committing these acts approach is based upon the white race being supreme and immigrants not being invited. What the fcuk do they believe they are? Theyre immigrants, too … #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #zodiac #horoscopes #astrologer #elpaso #dayton

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