The World. Enlightenment, inner peace, an end and a beginning. Youve made it through the wilderness…

The World. Enlightenment, inner peace, an end and a beginning. You’ve made it through the wilderness. The most important thing now is making yourself acknowledge that and begin living as your soul requires, aligning your decisions with what will spring the most joy, the most fruitful bounty, the most pleasure. This is the chapter after The Judgement, after the purge and the instability. Open yourself to the new. You cannot bring the past through this portal, but only this re-calibrated you, someone who is capable of reconciling their inner dualities, who is on the path of self-growth, in the name of self love. Today this card asks if there is anything currently that is inhibiting this new perspective, any fragments of the past and your prior life clinging on, can these things be transformed or do they need to be left in the dust? Stepping into your authentic self is a life’s work, not an end goal but a constant flux of becoming. Be the centre of your own world. Living in the centre is in removing the expectation for the future and the identification with the past. See the wreath that circles the androgynous figure, in the middle of the four corners, the elements. The spirit made flesh light in the sublimation of dualisms. Arrive at your centre. ✨

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