The year was 1992. It was a day before a Full Moon in Gemini during Sagittarius season and Arreste…

The year was 1992. It was a day before a Full Moon in Gemini (during Sagittarius season) and Arrested Development released the song “Revolution”. Astrology is activism. Music is activism. Black lives illustrate these stories.

You can hear it loud and clear through the message of this song and where we are today. When this song was released, the karmic nodes were in Gemini and Sagittarius just like they are today. Saturn was in Aquarius, just like it is today. The fact that it was during Sag season, with a Full Moon in Gemini, calls for truth. We are in the same day during Gemini season with a brink of a Sag Full Moon.

Mars and Venus were in a face-off in Cancer and Capricorn, where the eclipses have been in the last two years. Neptune and Uranus met in Capricorn, at one of the eclipse degrees we’ve seen in the last two years.

By seeing similar messages then and now, I am reminded of the power in the planets and how they empower us to be proactive. We are left with the choice to take action or to be complacent. Astrologers, spiritualists, occultists.. I’m asking you to use your knowledge in supporting black people and their message. Stop copy and pasting. Use your mind, voice, words.

White people keep saying “how did we get here?” We got here by ignoring and not listening. We dismissed their voices and peaceful protests. Their knees bent on a field.

In the song, he says “You don’t want us to go get a gun now, do you? You don’t like to see people running around now, yet and still you wanna live like 9-Oh-2-1-Oh, while we scream out freedom.” In the beginning of their music video, he says “Yes, even today, in 1992, we are still fired up and we are still talking about revolution.” Those words struck deep. I implore you to listen to this song, over and over. Let the words sink in, as the message then, remains the same today.

There’s got to be action
If you want satisfaction
If not for yourself
For the young ones

Music heals. Music informs. Listen to this song and listen well 🙏🏼 Thank you @arresteddevelopment__

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