The zodiac signs souls

**Aries**: soul is bright and burning like fire that is constantly growing

**Taurus**: soul is quite and lush as a forest that has growing flowers everywhere

**Gemini**: soul is warm and soft as spring but also a little rainy and cloudy on days

**Virgo**: soul is moist and transparent as fog after a storm has long after pass

**Scorpio**: soul is sharp and pointy like thorns yet has beautiful roses growing on it

**Sagittarius**: soul is vast and wide as a desert that never seems to end

**Libra**: soul is relaxing and wild like wind that blows from the deepest parts of the sky

**Pisces**: soul is complex and memorizing as a rainbow with it’s different colors

**Capricorn**: soul is winsome and solemn as a tree that been growing for centuries

**Leo**: soul is kind and appealing like a star that’s twinkling in a never ending dark sky

**Cancer**: soul is delicate and strong like waves crashing against a rocky beach

**Aquarius**: soul is calming and cold as snow that’s falling from a dark winter sky

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