Theres a very interesting combination of celebrities who have Aries Moon placements, that tend to be some of the most absolutely powerful people to exist in our modern world.

-**2pac and Nas** **both have Aries moon.** Interesting. both rappers display the warrior archetype of Aries, and it’s easily recognizable. Both made aggressively empowering music containing deep anti-govt/anti-system messages. Both of these rappers were prophets, 2pac is a bit more obvious being a prophet but Nas is one too. Nas also made tons of disses to Jay-Z, completely destroying him the same way 2pac did Biggie. At 0 point do 2pac/nas ever come across as being weak/naive, they seem to be extremely fierce/intellectual….. both are considered to be the TOP musicians in their genre with almost no debate. every single top 5 rappers list contains pac, nas, biggie, eminem almost 100% everytime.

-**Chief Keef also has an aries moon**, which is interesting because Chief keef is probably the most influential rapper of the new generation of rappers, probably more influential on todays youth than Kanye/Lil wayne is. First rapper to make music video with guns in it(when he was only 15/16 years old) Which correlates with the same warrior spirit of the Aries moon, he popularized the drill movement/gang culture in modern rap single handedly people consider chief keef to practically be the god of the drill rap movement.

-**Tom Brady and LeBron James** **both have Aries moon too.** some of the greatest champions in modern American sports history. Both have had ridiculously long and durable careers while maintaining an impressively high level of talent thoughout. Both are still active too, and BOTH have an amazing chance of winning championships again this season. LeBron Has played in 10 Championship series total with plenty more on the way. Tom Brady has made it to 9 whole Super Bowls with the chance of more. Most pro athletes don’t even get the opportunity to play in one single championship game, these guys single handedly do it every single year nonstop.

-**Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both have aries moon**. Extremely powerful elite billionaires. Bill Gates(current net worth 120 billion). Both are/were incredibly innovative with modern technology. One of Bill gates’ good ‘partners’ **Jeffrey Epstein also had an aries moon**, this dude was a total POS but supposedly he was an israeli intelligence agent blackmailing bill clinton, trump, the royal family etc. Extremely deep powerful covert stuff

-**Bernie Sanders and Malcolm X both have an aries moon.** Both fought for a better society. Bernie sanders could of potentially been the greatest american politician ever. Malcolm X seemingly fought tooth and nail and was extremely cunning/fierce/intellectual similar to the same warrior aries moon energy we see in 2pac/nas

-**Pablo Escobar and Al Capone have an aries moon.** ‘Escobar at the height of his power, brought in more than US**$70 million** per day (roughly **$26 billion** in a year). Both capone & escobar portrayed themselves at some point as being a Robin Hood(Steal from the rich, give to the poor) archetypes, while simultaneously being psychopaths mob bosses.

-**Rihanna & Cardi B also have aries moons.** easily the most highly beloved female entertainers right now that I can think of next to Beyonce… both are extremely fierce bad bitches too cardi is wild and rihanna is too, she’s always dating/breaking up with some powerful musician or billionaire or actor. **Sade is also an aries moon** and honestly probably the greatest female musician ever to me.

**(Dido is an aries moon as well** and she did the amazing chrous on ‘Eminem – Stan’, which is considered to be objectively the greatest rap song ever written. And concerning the fierce energy of aries moons, **P!nk is also an aries moon too)**

-Funny enough, **Chuck norris is aries moon too** there was a meme about him for years and years bout him being a fucking God [](

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