They are compromising the light of the sun and the moon – the temples of time. – Regarding eclipse…

“They are jeopardizing the light of the sun and the moon – the temples of time.” – Concerning eclipses, – Austin Cooppock

On this New Moon (DREAM) and Total Solar Eclipse (Outer Change) in Cancer (I FEEL) we have effective cosmic energy motivating the nurturing and nutrition of incoming modification. Accept change as this energy will support starts and endings. Styles of clarity and surprises require not imply it is an ideal time to begin something but rather to place yourself in a perfect way for the unforeseen. As we all collectively stand in this energy – this is an effective time to support and care for everybody, specifically your self, household, and tribe. Your capability to do this are the seeds of which are being planted. Shall all of us plant and grow something really lovely. Xx Patrick #thelivingwheelastrologycards #thelivingwheel

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