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This is a very strong push and pull energy we are feeling. Lots of self doubt and power struggles from the past are surfacing once again and asking you to let them go. Send all your insecurities up and out. You are one in your body and deserving. You are full of life and vibrant and unlike anyone else. This is the culmination of everything you’ve been working towards. Slow and steady like the mountain goat climbing to the top. It is time to push through and reach for your goals. With mercury still retrograde, we’re a focusing inward and communication is a struggle for most of us right now. Remember with all of this water and fire energy coming out, we are in our feels. We are emotionally passionate. Placing the moon in Capricorn has us wanting to put our guards up, wanting to structure our emotions but we need to feel, so we can let go. . . #mercuryretrograde #fullmoon #capricorn #capricornmoon #cancerseason #cancer #magic #astrology #spiritual #ritual #healing #lightworker #reiki #tarot #letitgo #horoscope