This is why Im quiet most of the time a lot of the time as a Virgo, people around me that feel un…

This is why Im peaceful the majority of the time ☝ a great deal of the time as a Virgo, individuals around me that feel unpleasant with silence, or feel the need to fill the area with talking, generally make me feel like I require to talk in order for them to be comfy. Sorry however no. Nobody saves us but ourselves. Since I understand how worthless and fickle words can be, I hold my words when words arent needed. If I speak, I d rather speak when I imply something that I am stating rather than speak simply to fill the silence to make others comfy. And! Due to the fact that I understand myself much better than anyone, a lot of the times I have to figure my shit out on my own. So do not mind me being quiet Im not mad at anyone or anything. The majority of the time Im upset at myself or a scenario. Virgos need space and they require this area to study how they actually feel. VIRGO VIBES ALL THE WAY ♍ ♍ ♍ ✨ … … original post from @lonerslifestyle ✨.

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