This picture makes me laugh every time I see it because I was definitely pointing out some decaying …

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it because I was definitely pointing out some decaying wood and @maddytakesphotos1616 decided that it deserved to be photographed, edited, and shared with me. It’s not how most photo shoots go but I really appreciate the documentation of my fascination
I’ve been working with my desire for recognition and praise lately, my deep desire to be seen as someone who knows what they’re doing and has their shit together (awkward transition but roll with it, we’ll come full circle). It stems for my natal astrology (Ceres in Cap in the 7th house especially) and my childhood (parents who were very successful and talented leading into my internalization of the need to replicate that success and talent). Unpacking these beliefs and turning them into more beneficial stories will be a lifelong journey and I’m grateful I’ve begun it now
Part of this work has revealed itself as not needing to be the best at everything. I’m trying to recover a learning mentality, allowing myself to be an eternal student, and admitting that I still have so much to discover about everything has been both terrifying and freeing. Some days I want to give up and fall back into patterns of only doing what I already know I’m good at. But it has also awakened a sense of wonder that I lost somewhere along the way. And that’s why, even though I laugh at this picture, I also love it dearly. It shows me in awe at nature, wondering how the hell the process of decay actually works and not knowing the answer. I believe that in a state of explorative wonder we are capable of potent growth and learning
So currently I’m in wonder and awe of all sorts of things. I’ve been learning about Venus Star Points, coding, ancestral trauma and healing, herbalism, the Mary-el Tarot, morphic resonance, and the process of decay in nature. If you feel so led, I’d love to hear what you’re learning about in a state of awe and wonder. It’s a beautiful place to be.

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