Thoughts on the Double New Moon in Cancer coming up this summer

I heard two new moons in the same sign back to back is a bit rare. And it’s in my sun sign!

The first new moon in cancer will fall on the solar eclipse and summer solstice as well, the 21st of June which is 3 days before my bday 🤩 The second occurs on July 20th.

I’m curious what your thoughts are on this double new moon. What does it mean? And how powerful is it? Especially coinciding with the solstice and solar eclipse? How will this impact our already tough 2020?

**I ask in advance Bc id really like to prepare for this occasion in a magical way what with my bday AND the planetary magic occurring. I WAS going to go to Stonehenge in England for the first time, but obviously all travel has halted. Any and all celebratory ideas welcome!

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