Thursday 15th August – Wednesday 21st August 2019The Empress KeywordsGENERAL – Growth, creativ…

Thursday 15th August – Wednesday 21st August 2019

The Empress

GENERAL – Growth, creative potential, intuitive power, renewal, pregnancy, birth, consideration

PROFESSION – Creative work, good opportunities for growth and development, change of occupation, fine antenna for business trends and cycles, hatching new concepts, taking good care of what has been entrusted to one

CONSCIOUSNESS – Insight into the eternal life cycle of becoming and dying

PARTNERSHIP – Lively development, pleasant sensuality, deep trust, addition to the family, sense of security, new and promising perspectives, reviving an old relationship

ENCOURAGES – Trusting in life’s forces for growth; being open for changes

WARNS AGAINST – Rampant growth, or letting opportunities slip away without using them

Card For The Week:

Look forward to this week. It promises to become very lively.

Perhaps you feel drawn out into nature, where mind and soul can recharge.

There is a stimulating wind, bringing creative ideas and fertile impulses in your everyday life as well.

Something you have been hatching for a long time may come to light this week.

Something that has stagnated will experience a strong spurt of growth.

Whatever you begin anew this week has good prospects of developing splendidly, since your distinct antenna for natural processes of development let you instinctively do the right thing.


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